Our Story

In 1981, our owner William Carr graduated from builder’s trade school with the dream to build a business that would be the pride of Jasper County and be known far and wide as Indiana’s finest contracting service provider and window specialist. With nothing more than his old ‘78 Ford pickup truck and a small box of tools, Bill built one quality construction project after another. He forged a strong reputation and customer base by working evenings, weekends, and every spare moment … building a loyal clientele one person at a time until he was finally ready to extend his business into a full time venture.

Carr’s Home Construction was launched in 1988 and his BOCA Code Modular home sales division known as Autumn builders was created in 1994. Just 25 years after a fresh-faced graduate left Pike County Vocational School, Bill Carr has realized his dream with a successful construction business that is well known in 3 states and doing business in every county of Northern Indiana.
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